Application of gas spring in industry

In order to carry out controlled lifting operations on covers, covers and valves, it is a good choice to use industrial gas springs. This stainless steel gas spring is mainly suitable for the special requirements of food industry, technology, shipbuilding or environmental technology.

Stainless steel industrial gas springs made of various V2A or V4A alloy materials have not only been approved for application in the food industry, but also meet the requirements such as the hygienic specifications of the Robert. Koch Institute in Germany. This stainless steel gas spring is suitable for special industries such as food industry, aviation technology, shipbuilding or environmental technology. In addition, stainless steel gas springs can also be used for medical equipment, hospital stretcher beds, and operating tables. These places require not only cleanliness, but also non-magnetic properties.

The stainless steel damping element has a diameter of 15 ~ 40mm, and can have different stroke lengths and different ejection forces. In order to obtain permission for the application in the food industry and environmental technology industry, stainless steel gas springs are filled with a special oil for gentle end position vibration reduction.

Nitrogen spring without maintenance

The function principle of all types of gas springs is the same, that is, the maintenance-free, self-sealing system is filled with nitrogen under pressure, and nitrogen flows out through the orifice on the piston when the cover is closed. This provides a certain piston entry speed and ensures braking. When the piston is removed, the oil filled in the end position may cause a soft landing. For this reason, terminal vibration reduction only works when the piston rod is fitted with a gas spring downward. Nitrogen gas is refluxed when the system is started, and the attached manual operation is supported.

For the manufacturing of gas springs used in the shipbuilding industry to raise the door or release the lifeboat, V4A stainless steel is mainly used. Different from V2A alloy, V4A with high molybdenum content is a kind of corrosion-resistant and seawater-resistant stainless steel. In terms of robustness against external environmental influences, etc.

Application of gas spring in industry

Post time: May-25-2020