How does the gas spring industry achieve rapid growth?

The gas spring is an industrial accessory that can support, buffer, brake, height adjust and angle adjust.It consists of the following components: pressure cylinders, piston rods, pistons, seal guide sleeves, fillers (inert gases or oil-gas mixtures), in-cylinder control elements and external cylinder control elements (controllable gas springs) and joints.

Driven by independent innovation and technological innovation, the international competitiveness of the pipeline gas spring industry in China has been continuously improved, and the gas spring industry has gradually extended from processing and assembly to independent research and development and manufacturing.The data shows that the export volume of gas spring products in China has increased by 5.5 times. The competitiveness of domestic companies is further enhanced.

Because of the fundamental difference in principle of gas springs, gas springs have significant advantages over common springs: the speed is relatively slow, the dynamic force changes little (usually within 1:1.2), and easy to control; the disadvantage is that the relative volume has no small coil springs. High cost and relatively short life.


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Post time: Jun-01-2018